Six-year-old Moshe thinks of Mumbai as second home

As India celebrated the execution of 26/11 terrorist Ajmal Kasab on Wednesday, in Israel, a Jewish family was just as thrilled with the news.

“I was happy to hear the news about Kasab’s execution and I wish for peace in India,” said Rabbi Shimon Rosenberg, who lost his daughter Rivka Holtzberg and son-in-law Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg when terrorists attacked the Chabad House on November 26.

The Holtzbergs’ son Moshe, who was two years old at the time, survived the attack thanks to his nanny Sandra Samuel who managed to escape with the child even while the terrorists were in the house.

Rosenberg said his now six-year-old grandson was aware about the terrorist attack that killed his parents, and that he wished to come to the city.

“We have told him about what happened and he knows that some of the terrorists were killed and one was in jail. But I don’t think I will tell him about Kasab’s execution as he is too young for it,” said Rosenberg.

“Moshe wants to visit Mumbai when he grows older and always tells people that he has two homes, one in Israel and one in Mumbai,” said Rosenberg. 

Authorities form the Chabad House refused to comment on the issue.


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