State Cong refutes Modi’s claims on Gujarat power sector

The state Congress has contested Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi’s claim that he has managed to stop leakages in the Gujarat Electricity Board.

State Congress spokesperson Sachin Sawant said on Monday that if Modi’s claims were true, the officials of the Paschim Gujarat Viz Company Ltd. (PGVCL) wouldn’t have felt the need to visit the state to study the power distribution franchise model in Bhiwandi.

“Speaking at the National Council Meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party in New Delhi on Sunday, Modi had claimed that he had been able to stop the leakages in the Gujarat Electricity Board and convert it into a profit-making unit,” said Sawant.

“It is not Gujarat but Maharashtra which has created a model which can be emulated by all other states including those ruled by the BJP,” he added.


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