Strict, timely action may have prevented attack on woman, says family

The family of the 22-year-old woman who was attacked at Kurla on Wednesday alleged that the accused, 29-year-old Amit Tulsankar, had been harassing her for one-and-a-half years, and the police had repeatedly been informed of this.

Calling their approach ‘lenient,’ they said the assault could have been prevented had the police taken the issue more seriously.

The victim’s father said that several non-cognisable complaints and three FIRs had been registered against Tulsankar, for allegedly stalking and molesting the victim. “But those only deterred him for a few weeks.” 

He further alleged that the police were initially not ready to file an FIR against Tulsankar.

“The police approach was very lenient. Had the police taken strict action from the start, the attack may not have happened.”

In the latest attack, Tulsankar tried to strangle the victim and pulled out a knife, threatening to kill her.

The police confirmed that they had been approached by the family.

“The woman had lodged complaints against Tulsankar with the Kurla police thrice earlier, and he had been arrested each time,” said an officer from the Kurla police station. Deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Sanjay Shintre said that Tulsankar was  out on bail in one of those cases.

Police investigations revealed that Amit, a Kurla resident, who does odd jobs, wanted to marry the woman. The woman and her family, who live in the same area, did not agree to his proposal. He then began harassing her.

“He would stand outside her Bhandup workplace and follow her. She then resigned and stayed home for a months. But she would constantly request us let her to resume work.

"She then started working at Ghatkopar,” said the father. A few months later, Tulsankar managed to find the victim’s new workplace and stalked her again.

Experts said the police should have taken preventive measures long ago.

“Police should have immediately started taking action under section of 151 of criminal procedure code that allows them detention for a period of 30 days. Externment proceedings should have been initiated,” said IPS officer-turned-lawyer YP Singh.


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