Student body to highlight placement issues at IIT-B

  • Apoorva Puranik, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Jan 21, 2015 21:53 IST

After the placement season at IIT-Bombay, there are rumblings among the students and the alumni criticising the process. As students comprise a major chunk of the placement committee, students feel there could be a potential misuse of power.

The institute’s student media body, Insight, has initiated a survey to find out the problems faced by students during the placement.

According to Chirag Chaddha, chief editor of Insight and a dual degree student at IIT-B, the survey seeks to explore only the potential abuse of power by students involved in the placement process.

“The placement committee has students and there are chances of conflict of interest. There is no concrete proof, but we are exploring the possibilities,” said Chaddha.

A survey form has been forwarded to more than 800 final year students who appeared for placement process in December last year. “The Insight team will analyse the data in the next 15 days,” said Chaddha.

Students in the placement committee having access to other students’ job application forms and resumes are a major concern. The team has viewership and editing rights for resumes, statements of purpose and other application specifics with placement managers having the maximum access.

“The committee members have access to all our resumes and can edit them without anyone even noticing,” said a final year student.

There were complaints about resumes not reaching the right companies. This led to a lot of confusion and issues during interviews, students said. The complaints are not new.

In 2013, an article on placement committee gave solutions for making the process more transparent. Some of the suggestions were that the portal design should disallow viewership of all documents submitted by students and that resume verification be done offline.

The idea of an honour code, which must be signed by every team member of the placement office, was also floated. However, students said none of the suggestion has been followed.

The survey, however, has left students and professors involved in the placement drive disgruntled. “The placement process is extremely tough, competitive and requires meticulous detailing. The team is handpicked after exhaustive rounds of interviews and ethics remains the top most criteria for selection. The survey will only lead to negativity on campus,” said Moha Mehta, placement manager for BTech students.

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