Students mob city’s only CBSE guidance centre

Officials at the CBSE guidance centre at RN Podar School in Santacruz had a harrowing experience on Wednesday afternoon after a crowd of students started banging on the school gates and yelling at the staff.

“We are facing such problems since the past three days. The crowd is abusive and blocks the gate, making it impossible for us to enter,” said principal Avnita Bir.

The school, the only guidance centre in the city to help CBSE students apply for online admissions to Class 11, has complained to the CBSE and education department.

The Santracruz school only has three technicians to deal with more than 250 students every day and has roped in some of their school staff to help. “We have asked the education department to send us more technicians so that we can process applications faster,” said Bir.

The school has also asked the board to increase the number of guidance centres for CBSE students in the city. Currently, the city has just one centre, and students from the island city and the suburbs are referred here.

“There is no other centre in our vicinity that can help us. It took me at least two hours to reach this place and then, we are made to wait for long hours ,” said Rajeev Shroff, a parent from Virar who has been visiting the centre since two days.

The education department said the number of centres can be increased next year. “We realised the seriousness of the situation after the school complained. But we cannot do anything this year,” said NB Chavan, deputy director of education.

Meanwhile, the school finds it difficult to run the centre. “All our sections have begun their academic year, and we cannot spare staff for such duties,” Bir added.


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