Thane: Demolition halted after women threaten to immolate themselves

  • Megha Pol, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Sep 03, 2015 23:00 IST
In Mumbra, 30 women poured kerosene on their bodies and threatened to immolate themselves, forcing the TMC officials to halt the demolition. (Photo: Praful Gangurde)

A TMC squad demolishing a building met with unusual resistance on Thursday, after around 30 women poured kerosene on their bodies and threatened to immolate themselves. The women also threw some kerosene on the civic officials, forcing them to halt the demolition.

A team of Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) officials and policemen had gone to raze the six-storey Noor Jaha building in Kismet Colony, Mumbra, following high court orders. The owner of the plot has claimed the developer constructed the building illegally on his plot.

“On August 27, we got the court’s order to demolish the building. We took the help of the police department, and with 150 police personnel and our own security guards, we reached the building on Thursday, to find a huge mob gathered there,” said Sandeep Malvi, deputy municipal commissioner of Mumbra zone.

The building has 14 commercial and 44 residential establishments. “We demolished all the shops and proceeded to the flats. But the residents became aggressive and more than 30 women poured kerosene over themselves. We stopped the demolition and came back in the evening to complete the work,” Malvi said.

However, in the evening, the women again poured kerosene not only on themselves but also on the civic officials. The demolition was finally called off at 5pm.

The TMC said the building will be demolished later, as they have to abide by court’s order.

The residents have claimed they are being made to pay for the dispute between the owner and the developer, for no fault of theirs.

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