Thane massacre: viscera tests reveal victims were drugged

  • Debasish Panigrahi and Arvind Walmiki, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Mar 17, 2016 01:28 IST

Tests on the viscera of members of the Warekar family in Thane, who were murdered by one of their own on February 28, have revealed traces of Clozapine, a sedative used to treat schizophrenia. Hasnain Warekar, who killed 14 members of his family members before hanging himself, had not taken the drug, the tests revealed.

A source in the Thane police told HT they received the chemical analysis report on the viscera samples of five members of the family, including Hasnain, from the forensic science laboratory at Kalina on Wednesday. “While traces of Clozapine were found in the viscera of Hasnain’s wife, parents and six-year-old daughter, nothing was found in Hasnain’s samples,” the source said. “This means Hasnain drugged his family members but did not take the drug himself.” The test reports of the remaining samples will arrive in the next two days, the source said.

Joint commissioner of police Ashutosh Dumbare told HT, “The findings corroborate the claims of (Hasnain’s sister) Subiya, the lone survivor of the massacre, who said that Hasnain had drugged his relatives before killing them.”

The source said, “We have found that the drug was prescribed by a doctor from Pune for Hasnain’s sister Baitul, who had been undergoing treatment for mental illness for the past 20 years.” The drug was also found in the Warekars’ house during a search of the crime scene. According to the police, the Warekars had decided not to treat Baitul in Mumbai or Thane as they feared the disclosure of her ailment would mar her marriage prospects.

Subiya has told the police that children in the family usually went to bed around 2am. However, that night they fell asleep along with the rest of the family just minutes after dinner, a little after midnight. The police assume that the drug was added to the family’s soft drinks or food.

Dumbare said, “Hasnain’s chemical analysis report was negative for the drug. It seems he had planned everything. The ligature mark (from his hanging) was clear and there were no signs of a struggle.”

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