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The yoga of light

mumbai Updated: Nov 16, 2010 00:56 IST
Henryk Skolimowski
Henryk Skolimowski
Hindustan Times

What is the ultimate yoga of light? It is life well lived. How do you define life well lived? It is one being suffused in light and guided by it. Being suffused in light and guided by it an essential part of the yoga of light? Life and light are inseparable.

One is defined through the other. The meaning of life, which is not enshrined by light, signifies a pale incompleteness of life. The meaning of light without the existence of the humans signifies an incompleteness of the picture of the universe.

All conceptions of light are rooted in human consciousness. There is certain circularity in the meaning of the phenomena. But it is a good and symbiotic circularity. Life and light blush and blossom in the presence of each other.

Is light a religious phenomenon, or some kind of god? No. Light is not god — not, in any traditional sense. But it is sacred because it is the source of all sources. As such, it deserves to be treated reverentially and considered sacred.

The appreciation of the enormous worth and beauty of light leads naturally to acts of homage we pay to light. But this form of reverence does not lead to the idolatry and mindlessness characteristic of traditional religions. The celebration of the glory and sacredness of light is a joyous and participatory phenomenon in which the inspired humans co-create with the Ultimate Source.

Can you ask of light more than your share? You can do it, if you are ready for it; and light will bless this readiness — if you are ready to act on its behalf; also on behalf of the whole universe. You never ask for anything big on your own behalf, but only on behalf of larger causes.

How do you justify your acting on behalf of Big Light? You don’t need to. Just act — until your acting is so compelling and beautiful that all can see. Acting on behalf of Big Light is beautiful and rewarding. And yet heroic and demanding.