Top cops, judges laud govt’s effort

  • Mohan K Korappath, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Nov 22, 2012 02:25 IST

Former high court judges and top police officials in the city were all praises for the meticulous planning and secrecy maintained in the execution of 26/11 terrorist Mohamed Ajmal Kasab. Experts were also of the opinion that this would send out a message that India would not tolerate acts of terror.

According to MN Singh, former Mumbai police commissioner, the government had carried out the execution in great style and finesse. “It had to be done in complete secrecy. This is what was expected,” he said.

With the 26/11 anniversary just around the corner, Singh said, “The Indian government has gone about the issue in a thoughtful manner and this is the fastest our Indian judiciary has moved.”

“This is decisive action by the President of India. By doing so, he has shown respect for the judiciary,” said former acting chief justice of the Bombay high court, VG Palshikar.

Against the background of Afzal Guru’s case where despite the trial taking place 11 years ago a decision on his mercy plea was still pending, Palshikar said that Kasab’s trial and execution —that took place within a span of four years— would reaffirm people’s faith in the judiciary.

YC Pawar, former inspector general of police (IGP) said that only time would tell whether Kasab’s execution would act as a deterrent for other terrorists. However, he added, “It gives out a message that we will not tolerate terrorism and anyone who dares to strike again will face similar consequences.”

Pawar added that a quick decision may have been a result of the upcoming general elections and the international importance attached to the case.


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