‘We’ve to win people’s trust’

The newly appointed president of state believes that the biggest challenge before him would be to mobilise the cadre and find solutions to the persistent problems the state faces.

Excerpts -
How will you deal with the challenges BJP faces as main opposition party of the state?
We will have to make people believe we can solve their problems and bring changes in the state. The party has hardworking cadres and office bearers that we need to inspire.

Your party’s performance may be marred by factionalism. Won’t if affect your chances in winning the

I don’t see any problem. It will be a smooth sailing for the party ahead of the elections.

BJP always wanted MNS to be on board with Sena-BJP-RPI combine. What are the prospects of Raj Thackeray joining you?
Our view of MNS is clear. The DF government in Maha-rashtra is not ruling because the people want them in power, but because of division among us. If all opposition parties come together, it would be easier for us to throw the DF government out of power.

Who would be potential CM candidate of your party if the combine comes to power?
Nitinji Gadkari has already said the assembly elections would be fought under the leadership of Gopinathji Mun-de. State BJP would have guidance from both leaders. The decision about the CM candidate will be taken by the
parliamentary board at the right time.


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