‘We wanted to end our lives’

  • Farhan Shaikh, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Dec 21, 2014 00:57 IST

“We wanted to end our lives. We are physically and mentally broken,” said the eldest daughter, who, along with her two younger sisters, was allegedly molested several times by her father and two of his friends.

She is a final-year college student while her younger sister was allegedly forced to quit her studies. The sisters have a 20-year-old brother. In February, their mother slipped into coma and eventually passed away.

“Shortly after she died, my father got married to another woman. He is against our studies. He had torn our books, flushed them down the toilet and even burnt them in front of us. He threatened to chop off our legs if we went to study,” the eldest daughter said.

“He used to thrash us over petty issues. One night, when I was asleep, he moved the blanket and touched me. He then put his leg over my throat to kill me. I ran to the police station, but the officer asked me to go home,” she said. “He [the officer] said he will speak to my father. When they called him to the police station, my father threatened to kill me in front of the policemen, but they did not do anything.”

The girls left home in October and were rescued from the railway tracks by a woman. The girl claims her father has shown up at the woman’s home and abused her for providing them shelter.

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