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Why aren’t our cities better planned?

mumbai Updated: Apr 04, 2010 01:31 IST

Talk of generously developing Mumbai’s infrastructure is getting excruciating to hear. Are the pipe bursts then coincidence? The reactions from the authorities are only to ensure continuation of rapid construction activities, which has resulted in an unsolicited concrete jungle.
Had some wisdom prevailed at the level of governance and had there been some planning in implementing the proposals for new constructions, there would not have been unwarranted strife over water, power and space.
Chirag Mavani

Drain the swimming pools, stop the waste
Pipe bursts and leakages are due to poor maintenance. Encroachments too add to our woes. Slums draw water illegally by sabotaging water pipelines. If the monsoons are inadequate, all swimming pools should be shut during summer. Maintenance of all city water pipelines, should be done regularly. Citizens should also use water judicially.
Ajit Pillai

Like they say, a stitch in time...
The BMC needs to replace old pipelines and plug leakages at critical points to save water. Had it not taken things so easy, it would have been able to supply a decent amount of water despite a bad monsoon. It should urgently control the tanker mafia, which ultimately is the cause for the man-made water shortage.
C.K. Subramaniam
Migrant squatters are the main issue
The core problem here is that there is a rather dangerous level of influx of migrants into the city.
Slums have proliferated in the areas surrounding the city’s water pipes and their inhabitants damage these pipes to get access to the water. Millions of litres of water are unscrupulously stolen. I blame the Maharashtra government for the condition of the city.
The influx is never controlled but protected and encouraged by politicians. These politicians provide them with hutments, ration cards and voter ID cards.
S. Krishna Kumar

The govt should map underground pipes
The government should map the underground water and drainage pipes. This is all the more necessary because digging is the usual method of maintaining these pipelines. With mapping, contractors can ensure their work does not affect underground pipes. It is an insurance against wastage.
Sharad Kumar
Why can’t the Centre help us out here?
The state government treats Mumbai’s water woes as the sole responsibility of the BMC. This is wrong. It is known that the Central and state government collect most of their revenue through taxes paid by Mumbaikars. Hence, Mumbai’s problems must be solved jointly by the state and the Union governments. They should allocate funds to BMC for repairing replacing the worn-out pipes.
Sujata Tawade

BMC has failed time and again
The responsibility of the criminal wastage of water lies squarely on the shoulders of the callous BMC that has failed time and again to address the issue. It is time the state stepped in by invoking its emergency powers to supersede the richest but non-functioning civic body.
Bhagwan Das

A strange and fortuitous coincidence
I find it very strange that there were 18 pipe bursts in the city.
The BMC says the pipes are bursting because they are more than a century old. But how come so many? And how come they all burst at the same time? I find it strange that there has been such a coincidence, one that has so benefited the water tanker business.
Pretty Kt Mirchandani