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Why not use the money to beautify all of Mumbai?

mumbai Updated: Apr 11, 2010 01:04 IST

Why is the cash-crunched BMC being stubborn about spending Rs 7 crore of tax payers’ money on the beautification of Shivaji Park, when residents are vehemently opposing the plan? It is not only wasteful expense, but will also take away space currently used to play cricket and take walks. The money would be spent better on a worthier cause or on beautifying the whole of Mumbai.

Prashantha Karkera

Forget the fountain, plant trees instead

There is no need to spend money on the makeover of Shivaji Park. No unnatural things should be done to it and it should be left alone as it is. My only suggestion is to plant some saplings all around its border. This will create a green patch that will attract birds and squirrels.
Manoj Shah

Ask citizens for suggestions
Shivaji Park of Dadar is like the Ram Leela Grounds of Delhi and the Chowringhee Maidan of Kolkata and is a major attraction for politicians, cricketers and ordinary citizens. The BMC has done well to draw up a plan to beautify this landmark. However, the government should ask residents for their suggestions.
V. Subramanyan

We should maintain all our civic parks
I think the idea of beautifying Shivaji Park is most certainly a good idea, even though I stay in Goregaon (West).
We should improve, renovate and improve all parks and public spaces that are constructed and maintained by the BMC in this concrete jungle.

The parks will conserve open space and natural resources and encourage outdoor recreation among senior citizens as well as youngsters for years to come.
Bhalchandra P. Waghe

Makeover should not be extravagant
I welcome the plan to beautify Shivaji Park. The park has a certain grandeur and is also associated with many memorable events. For Mumbaikars, it is a heritage site and needs to be given its due respect.

But the beautification should not be so extravagant that other basic necessities of Mumbai are overlooked. Also, citizens must then take care to maintain the beauty of the place.
Sumita Ghosh

The makeover is a great idea
The makeover of Shivaji Park is a must. The BMC is doing a good job of beautifying prime spots in the city.
Shivaji Park is a rather busy area. There should spots for people to rest, green lawns, a mural and a fountain.
Shivaji Park also needs at least two turf wickets and five more practice pitches so more people can play cricket.
At present, the ground is dry, uneven and unkempt.
C.K. Subramaniam

It’s skywalks that are a waste of money
Shivaji Park must be beautified. This is not a waste of money, the skywalks are. People hardly use these bright yellow bridges. Instead, that money could have been used to fix our roads, which remain in such poor state year after year that I wonder what the point is of paying tax.

The beautification of Shivaji Park would at least allow us to see one instance of our hard-earned money being put to good use.

Pretty Kt Mirchandani

Citizens should help govt in its efforts

Shivaji Park is the heart of the city. But, over the past several years it has been the condition of the ground has gone from bad to worse. This is because of government negligence. The ground needs urgent beautification to preserve its image and importance. The beautification drive — for the benefit and comfort of the citizens — by the government is in right direction. Citizens must come forward and help the authorities.
Bhagwan B. Thadani