Yoga session in Thane: Away from the TV, they found time for themselves

  • Megha Pol, Hindustan Times, Thane
  • Updated: May 29, 2015 21:59 IST

“In our busy lives we often forget to set time aside for ourselves, and whatever free time we have, we spend in front of the TV,” said Tarun Kumar, 33, a sales professional. “Today has been an eye-opener for me. I have decided to spend quality time in activities that will bring peace to my mind.”

Kumar was speaking after the free Patanjali yoga session organised by HT on Friday, as part of this year’s No TV Weekend Festival.

The session began at 7 am, amid the lush greenery and chirping birds of Vijay Vilas Club House.

Participants not only shut off the TV and stepped out to experience their city Thane, many also extended the concept to all screens and left their cellphones at home.

“This one hour was our own time, with no worries about family, job or life in general, and no cellphones to disturb us,” said Kumar.

The yoga instructors started the session with pranayam or breathing exercises, followed by simple stretching exercises and ending with a laughter session.

“This session was an excellent experience. I managed to sit in this position for more than an hour without experiencing any pain in my leg,” said corporate manager Bhalchandra Sawant, 41. “I now plan to continue doing these simple exercises regularly, to rid myself of the small aches and pains in my body.”

The instructors began with breathing exercises because mastering the technique of controlling your breath is important for health and longevity. “Yoga leaves you feeling peaceful and refreshed through the day,” said instructor Nitish Parekh.

IT consultant Harsh Salin, 36, would agree. “The session was rejuvenating,” he said. “Till four years ago, I regularly practised yoga and even attended several camps. Lately, I had begun putting it off, procrastinating. I feel so refreshed after these simple breathing exercises that it has reminded me of how good it can be for both mind and the body.”

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