Agnee’s new charades

A band launching a silent music video may be as big an anomaly as a pageant queen endorsing a pair of flats. However, for popular rock act, Agnee it has managed to get about one lakh fans interested in less than three days. For their newest single, Reveal yourself, Agnee launched a muted video, urging listeners to guess the lyrics to the song. And while the viral campaign features the official video and melody, listeners have to key in the right lyrics by analysing the band’s lip movements to get hold of the ‘unmuted’ track.

“We’ve always been interested in making our listeners participate. And this game-like format allows that,” says vocalist Mohan. The song also marks guitarist Koko’s debut as vocalist. While Mohan sings the Hindi portion, Koko lends vocals for the English part. “I am practising the guitar now, in case we need to swap places,” laughs Mohan.

For now, the group is busy playing dumb charades. The bandmates have already released two videos providing hints about lyrics to their audience. Koko says, “Mohan’s great at dumb charades. I didn’t even know what thumbs up and down signify.” They now plan to release two more clue teasers, before releasing the song, with lyrics, on July 31.

The single, uploaded on the band’s Facebook page, is an ode to Pune, the city where the band came together five years ago. “We are planning a huge concert to mark our anniversary. It will be in either Mumbai or Pune, where we’ll play all the songs we’ve composed over the years. We also plan to launch a DVD of the compilation,” says Mohan.


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