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An overload of Michael Jackson

Like any kid who grew up in the early nineties, I got my dose of Michael Jackson. May MJ RIP, but can we please stop the mourning now. Malavika Nanda writes...

music Updated: Jul 16, 2009 19:41 IST
Giga byte | Malvika Nanda

Like any kid who grew up in the early nineties, I got my dose of Michael Jackson. Loved his Thriller video, quirky dance moves, felt for the Earth Song, and feel sad that the troubled King of Pop died shortly before his much-awaited come back. But, but, but it’s been a while since June 25 and now the MJ nostalgia is kind of making me a little uneasy.

Which brings to me ask myself, why people sometimes take so long to move on, with all due respect to the man. The music is still around but it doesn’t mean we all have to drown ourselves with Billie Jean and The Way You Make Me Feel on a loop! I mean, tribute concerts are still being planned; rock hubs continue to break into an MJ track in between Iron Maiden and Dream Theatre.

And the roads aren’t safe either; parts of Delhi have still your regular magazine/pen/stapler/charger sellers pushing ‘MJ Number Ones’ CDs. With poor plastic wrap, it’s tough to believe they’re original CDs but as Jitendar Kumar, who has been selling these CDs on Barakhamba Road for three weeks now urges, “original hi hain yeh.”

Though the poor guy doesn’t still know why there’s a sudden rise of interest in MJ, he parrots “Jackson hain toh bikega hi.” This apparently is the second lot of CDs he has (Rs 99 with 18 tracks), while the first lot had some 30 songs and cost Rs 199. It surely is an interesting way to get the ‘CDs sold’ count up just in case people miss the man on TV, radio or the Internet. That’s a smart marketing move indeed by Sony music, the record label.

It’ll be interesting to see how this tool works for music sales in the future. After all, drive time is indeed one of the most effective modes of music listening. Especially for people who aren’t “as much into music”, or have “never got around to…” an active listening mode. But careful there. A senior colleague recently mentioned that a recent study links road aggression to the kind of music one listens to.

In that case, MJ fans rejoice the Earth Song and all his other music will make this world a better place for you and for me. My song for the road will still be this over played hit by another late hero — Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel… Just wondering, what else anyway can one possibly do while driving? Did Morrison warn us about some distractions ha ha … If any of you’ve got any ideas, do write in.