Anushka-Chicane team up

Anushka Manchanda

When British DJ-producer Nick Bracegirdle, aka Chicane, visited India last year on a tour, he was on a lookout for a vocalist he could collaborate with.

“I was looking at 20 potential singers here and Anushka Manchanda caught my attention. I had first heard her sing for a jingle for a mobile phone advertisement on TV,” remembers Chicane.

The two got in touch soon and have now recorded a new track together.
“I’d say that the track is very Chicane. It’s very layered and moody; not very uptempo. Hopefully, it should make it to my next album,” says Chicane, who released his fifth studio album, Thousand Mile Stare earlier this year.

Chicane and Anushka will also perform tonight at a gig in the city, before hitting Delhi. “It’s so exciting to be back in India. Every time we come, it seems to get wilder,” says Chicane, who’s produced hits like ‘Don’t give up’ (2000) featuring Bryan Adams, ‘Saltwater’ (1999) and Offshore (1996) in the past. Adds Anushka, “I used to play ‘Don’t give up’ on a loop. It was one of my favourite tracks before I even understood what electronic music was. To be able to work with him is amazing. I love the sound of the track.”

As part of Chicane’s visit, Blue Frog, which is organising the tour, will also shoot a documentary chronicling the tour.

The gig takes place tonight, 10.30 pm onward, at Blue Frog, Lower Parel

Entry Rs 1,000

Call 6158 6158


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