Britney Spears to release a new song

Pop icon Britney Spears will release a song, titled ‘Ooh la la’ for the upcoming film, The Smurfs 2.  The film is the sequel to the 2011 hybrid live action/animated film The Smurfs.

Britney’s song, which will play at the end credits, is produced by Dr. Luke, Ammo and Cirkut.

Raja Gosnell, director of The Smurfs 2, says, “I am very excited that Britney is joining our Smurfy adventure. ‘Ooh La La’ is the perfect Smurf-party song, and the perfect button on the film for audiences around the world.”

Lia Vollack, president of Worldwide Music for Sony Pictures, says, “We are completely thrilled to have Britney involved with The Smurfs. She is an amazing artist and her boys are Smurfs fans, so it's a great fit for all of us.”


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