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City of blinding lights

Here comes another year of Diwali...another year of being asked to spend like crazy. Buy now, save later!, writes Luke Kenny.

music Updated: Oct 23, 2008 20:01 IST

And here comes another year of the festival of lights.. another year of being asked to spend like crazy. Buy now, save later!

Well, this year has been a tumultuous one, with a lot of people losing money among the minor things, the major things being whole families being wiped out.

So let’s take a moment to think of the less fortunate and hope it gets better. Turn a light on for them this year.

Light has been an inspiring thought for many a musician throughout time. The very notion of an idea has always been illustrated by a lightbulb in a comic balloon. Because it’s exactly like that.

Let’s look at songs that turn a light on for me. Songs that make my mind as bright as the sun in the sky. Songs that make us hear colours and see sounds. Here goes, in no particular order:

All I want is you — Barry Louis Polisar. One of the best love songs ever written. Learn to play this on the guitar and sing it to your loved one. See the sparks fly.

Rise — Eddie Vedder. From the film Into the Wild. Some of the best songs ever written for a film. A theme for us Indians at the moment: Gonna rise up, turning mistakes into gold…

The sound of silence — Simon and Garfunkel. How beautiful it would be if we were to have no noise for once. The whole city were to light up their homes.. no vehicles on the roads. And all of us walking through the streets looking at the lights amidst the sounds of silence. It’s possible.

Light my Fire — The Doors. How could I resist this? And why should I? One of the most amazing songs ever penned. A blast to perform. Everything comes alive when this song plays. You can hear the colours in your head.

The River of Dreams — Billy Joel. This song was a big hit in 1993 with us Mumbaikars. I remember during my DJing days, I had requests to play it at least five times in a single night!

A river runs through every big city in the world. The Mithi river runs through Mumbai as well. Do we care for it as the English care for the Thames, the French for the Seine or the Americans for the Hudson? Ponder this question as it ‘lights’ up your mind.

Ray of Light — Madonna. Probably what she needs most right now. Put this on and let your body go. You’ll feel a luminous burst of energy in every part. Really. City of blinding lights — U2.

A truly astounding song, I feel the lights flickering in my head everytime I hear it. A song for any city loved by its people. Aah.. I could go on like this. But I will leave you to your pursuit of happiness.. your search for spiritual succour. May we all find the light in our lives and keep it burning bright.. if I may say so.