Dixie Chicks still on top

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  • Updated: Aug 09, 2003 14:46 IST

Country rockers, the Dixie Chicks, are likely to be the top grossing touring act in their genre this year – despite the political controversy which has surrounded them.

Singer Natalie Maines caused a flurry of outrage in March after making a disparaging comment about President Bush – but this has not hindered the band’s popularity despite many stores refusing to stock their albums, and several radio stations taking them off their playlists.

As the hitmakers draw their Top Of The World tour to a close in North America, they have made nearly $60 million in gross revenues. Manager Simon Renshaw boasts, "The bottom line is, for all the so-called controversy, the Dixie Chicks’ fans remained totally loyal throughout the tour."

After 56 shows, the country three-piece have been averaging $980,337 for each performance, compared to just $524,211 for concerts performed in 2000.


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