Electric fever: Indian EDM set to go global

  • Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 08, 2015 21:14 IST

Foreign electronic musicians have been complimenting India for being one of the best destinations for music festivals, for quite some time now. In the past few years, several popular EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists have performed in the country and spoken about India's love for this particular genre. Interestingly, the global music scene will now see some Indian electronic acts perform at some of the best music festivals in the West.

The acts from India - Bengaluru-based duo Sulk Station, Mumbai-based Nicholson and Delhi-based Curtain Blue - will be performing in United Kingdom in two electronic music festivals this month.

The artists are however not just looking for individual recognition at these western concerts, but want to showcase the work being done in India. "This is the second time we are playing in a festival in UK, so we are not really looking at it in terms of it being an opportunity. It's more about exposure - sharing your music, and letting people know what's happening in India," say Tanvi Roy and Rahul Giri from Sulk Station adding, "So, we are not looking at the UK tour in terms of recognition or even acknowledgement. At this point, it's all about spreading our music - taking our music to as many people as possible."


From L to R: Musician Nicholson and Delhi-based Abhishek Bhatia from Curtain Blue.

For Nicholson, who is a solo act, the world needs to recognise the fact that India is not only a destination for concerts and music festivals, but it is also producing some really good EDM musicians. "I think India has become an emerging destination for electronic dance music for sure. What this showcase will do to a certain extent is hopefully indicate that there's an environment being created right now in India for electronic musicians that doesn't necessarily fit into the EDM bracket," he says, further adding, "In terms of kick-starting recognition for Indian musicians abroad, we can hope that happens. I try not to think too hard about the outcome, as I think we're focusing more on simply putting out the best work that we can. Whatever happens in the future isn't really up to us. I guess we'll find out when we reach there," says Nicholson.

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