Facebook, Twitter campaign demands Honey Singh ban for lewd lyrics

Popular youth icon Yo Yo Honey Singh has come under the scanner for his misogynistic lyrics. A petition filed by Kalpana Misra via Change.org appeals for a ban on the Punjabi rapper's New Year's eve performance.

The International Villager, as he likes to call himself, is scheduled to perform at Hotel Bristol in Gurgaon today.

The 28-year-old rapper hails from Hoshiarpur and has studied at the School of Trinity, London (as the rapper's official website suggests. He has mostly sung songs in a mix of Punjabi/English and won international awards like the Brit Asia Best International Act 2012 and the UK AMA Best International Album 2012. He has also sung songs in recent and popular Bollywood films like Khiladi 786, Cocktail and Luv Shuv Te Chicken Khurana. 

So what exactly is the hullabaloo about? On his way to stardom he has penned some seriously lewd lyrics earning him the horrendous nickname - Rape Rapper. There's a song by the name of Main Hoon Balaatkari to his credit, then there's another one called, well read it for yourselves:

The lyrics of the song C***:
Aja teri ch*** maroon
Tere sir se chu**** ka bhoot utaroon
Cho**** key baad tujhe jutey maroon
Tere mooh main apna l*** dey key mo*** maroon

The literal translation of the song roughly comes to this:
Come, I'll f*** you,
Exorcise you of the ghost of getting f*****,
After f****** you, I'll hit you with a shoe,
I'd put my d*** in your mouth, and then p*** on you

Yes, those are the lyrics of the song and the video features skimpily clad women who look all to happy to oblige Mr Honey Singh. After reading it we hope you will sign the petition, which had garnered 742 supporters when we last checked has been going viral on the social networking sites. Sign the petition here

Honey Singh Trashers
Twitter veterans with a number of followers seemed to support the petition unanimously, even lambasting the 28-year-old rapper and equating his lyrics to 'Rape Rap'. These tweets were the top ones that featured in the search.

Honey Singh

Journalist Seema Goswami directly linked the lyrics to violence agaist women to as she wrote, "All those telling us to *ignore* Honey Singh's *rape rap* do remember that this kind of misogyny is what results in violence against women." Nilanjana Roy posted a link to the petition, tweeting: Why women don't want to celebrate the new year with Honey Singh: Neha Kaul's petition...

Renowned journalist and Rude Food columnist Vir Sanghvi called for a strong boycott against the hotel if they didn't called the show off. He wrote on his Twitter wall: For God's sake, Bristol Hotel. Cancel the Honey Singh show. Are you guys in the rape business or the hotel business?

He later added, "If the Bristol does not cancel the Honey Singh show then I would urge every decent Indian to boycott the hotel."

Comedian Tanmay Bhat said, "Bringing Honey Singh into this discussion is giving his songs too much dignity. They're offensive to every sensibility and not just women."

What do you think about the drama? Voice your opinion and vote now:

Honey Singh Supporters
However, even as Honey Singh trends on Twitter, not all tweets favour the petition, in fact, many have come out in support of the controversial rapper.

but thing is senseless.. people can't catch the victim so let us all blame "Honey Singh" ehh, damn you people!

You are the one who made Honey singh,morons. You purchase his albums and give him money. HE DO WHAT YOU LIKE. stop criticising the guy

I really wouldnt want to see a ban on Honey Singh, not that I listen to his muisc. But then that would be unfair & partisan.

I listened this song of Honey Singh way back in my first year of BTech. Why the petition coming now ??

I really wouldnt want to see a ban on Honey Singh, not that I listen to his muisc. But then that would be unfair & partisan.

I listened this song of Honey Singh way back in my first year of BTech. Why the petition coming now ??

Honey singh also liberated woman if you ask me. He made it okay for girls to drink or smoke in his songs. Somethng that was a male territory

did someone let honey singh know dt suddenly ev1 seems to understnd his lyrics.seems fair,v gt to b hypocratic at least aftr he earnd cr's

If you believe Honey Singh is the reason behind the rapes? Lets ban all kinds of American rap music too.?

Honey Singh is made a scape goat for this rape case.

If u ban Honey Singh, then pls ban Ekta Kapoor, Mallika Sherawat, Sunny Leone, Salman khan. They all offend my sensibilities.

Yo Yo Honey Singh (left) at a concert performance

However, whether Hotel Bristol takes the action demanded by the petitioners or decides to look the other way and go with the show, remains to be seen.

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