Girls aren’t interested in me anymore: Raghu Dixit

  • Ruchika Kher, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: Oct 22, 2014 18:16 IST

He is as famous for his colourful lungis as for his music, which is strongly rooted in Indian folk traditions, but with a contemporary twist. From performing at intimate gigs to packed houses, Raghu Dixit has come a long way, but he asserts that it’s not all green at that side of the road.

“You feel like a rock star when you are on stage, but post that, the life of a musician is replete with downsides,” reveals Dixit, the frontman of The Raghu Dixit Project.

“We don’t get to sleep and it gets very tiring at times. We lose our friends as there is no time to nurture relationships; we don’t get to be with family and all this takes a toll on our health as well,” he adds.

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Despite living this reality, Raghu chooses to continue as a musician. From being a microbiologist, Raghu became a musician, who struggled for more than eight years before releasing an eponymous album in 2008.

“I never imagined that I would get this far. Whatever I have achieved till now is not success. I’m yet to take that big leap, which I’m hoping to achieve in the coming years,” says the singer, who was in town for the recent Red Bull Bus Tour anniversary gig.

Fans are a big drawback as well, and if you are a famous musician, you are bound to have a crazy fan following. While Raghu feels overwhelmed with the fact that there are so many people who love his music, he refuses to acknowledge the female attention he gets: “I am 40.Girls aren’t interested in me anymore,” he says, quickly jumping to anecdotes about two fans he was extremely glad to have met.

“One was a boy who tattooed my name on his arm and the other is an 18-month girl from Gurgaon, who hugs the TV each time my song is played. She is my youngest fan,” he gloats.

Moving forward, Raghu is planning to take the band’s performances a notch higher and has collaborated with Nritarutya, a Bengaluru-based Indian contemporary dance company.

“We are looking forward to a special performance at an upcoming music festival. So, this time there will be 40 people on stage. There will be dance, puppetry, video projection, amazing costumes and more. We want to grow beyond just five people on the stage,” reveals Raghu.

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