Gurgaon gears up for HT Friday Jam Season 2

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Gurgaon
  • Updated: May 22, 2015 14:48 IST

Music always acts as a healing factor for people who live in stressful environment and it holds true for the group members of four bands who will be performing at the Hindustan Times and Cyber Hub Friday Jam Season 2 in Gurgaon.

These bands from different corporate companies and youth groups will play soulful music in front of a lively audience at Cyber Hub on Friday evening. They include Dosti, Adjustment, Distill and Daftar Zild. Musicians in these bands are a mix of corporate executives, and IT professionals who use singing, and playing instruments to unwind, and release their daily tension.

Neeraj Chawla who works with is a drummer for Distill band. He said that music is his passion and after work the group spends every week five to six hours for music. "We started a decade ago but because of professional constrains we failed to continue but now since the past two and half years we are again back on the track," he said.

Distill is a mix of communication and professional executives.

Being in different professions do create problems for us to get time and practice but we always find a way to deal with it, he added.

Pranay Mathur of Daftar Zild band expressed similar emotions. "We started two years back. I always wanted to create music of my own and luckily I found people of my own interest in my current organisation. Every evening after work we practice for seven hours which provides us the energy to work in a stressful environment," Mathur said.

The band members are excited about playing at the Friday Jam Season 2 because of the great ambience at Cyber Hub, and a music loving audience which appreciates good performances.

Distill is a Delhi-based heavy rock band with a grungy crust.

Dhaani Lorwaal of Adjustment band claimed that he used to take guitar classes every Saturday and Sunday for two years before playing with a band.

Gaurav Bisht of Dosti thinks it is music which keeps him going. "I don't see music as work. I really enjoy playing it with the group. It is fun, it is what we always wanted to do." He said that it would be great to perform at HT Friday Jam Season 2 in front of a large audience as people in the city understand music.

Residents of Gurgaon are also excited about the HT Friday Jam Season 2 as the music event last year witnessed some memorable performances. Sanjay Batra, president of Ridgewood Estate RWA said that they want to promote good music as it will add to the cultural life of Gurgaon. "We will ask people to join in this event, and to listen to good music," he said.

About Bands:
Adjustment: Performed at UP government's Saifai Mahotsav for NGO World Hunger Relief and school workshops.

Daftar Zild: This band performed in Friday Season 1, and has performed at various places in Gurgaon. The members work in SNP Capital IQ, and have a shared passion for music.

Dosti: Hindi Rock and commercial band which has played with top musicians including Astitva band, Rock Veda, Adil and Vasundhara.

Distill: This band is a mix of communication and professional executives who love to perform in front of live audience at various pubs. They also performed at the HT Friday Jam Season one in 2014.

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