Happy birthday RD: Asha Bhonsle lists out her five favourite Pancham da songs

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  • Updated: Jun 27, 2014 12:03 IST

As we celebrate the 75th birth anniversary of RD Burman, we bring you a list of Asha's favourite songs from her work with Pancham.

In an earlier interview with HT Brunch, Asha Bhonsle had listed 20 songs she crooned for and loves. We pick the ones that were works of RD Burman.

Roz roz aankhon tale

(Jeeva, 1986). Music: RD Burman. Lyrics: Gulzar

Asha: "Pancham's biggest misfortune was that his best songs never got their due or were only recognised after his time. I like this song's opening and middle notes." Katra katra; Chhoti si kahaani se and Mera kuch saamaan

(Ijaazat, 1988). Music: RD Burman. Lyrics: Gulzar


Asha: "Pancham made me use the double voice effect - he made me sing Katra katra twice, one over the other, to get an echo effect. This was much before editing and new forms of dubbing evolved. It was a tough song. Those days, it was all one take. No cut, copy and paste. At the recording of Mera kuch samaan, Pancham would quarrel with Gulzar over the esoteric lyrics. When I started humming the refrain 'Woh lauta do' Pancham caught on to that catchphrase and composed the tune."

Tu tu hai wohi

(Yeh Waada Raha, 1982). Music: RD Burman. Lyrics: Gulshan Bawra

Asha: "Pancham, Ramesh Behl and I were all one group and we'd discuss music and songs over the choicest khaana-peena. The Yeh Waada Raha songs happened at one such magical moment. I miss those days."

Dum maro dum

(Hare Rama Hare Krishna, 1972). Music: RD Burman. Lyrics: Anand Bakshi

Asha: "Sachin Dev Burman didn't want to compose for this film because it dealt with drugs and hippies, so Pancham took over. He gave the iconic Dum maro dum some really enchanting bass and harkats."

Chura liya hai

(Yaadon Ki Baraat, 1973). Music: RD Burman. Lyrics: Majrooh Sultanpuri

Asha: "One of the most requested songs at all my shows. There's something really tender and love-struck about Pancham's lilting tune."

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