In the mood for an Italian opera?

Opera lovers or even those who would once want to check out this musical art are in for a treat. A comic opera called Don Pasquale — An Old Man turns Groom, by the famous Italian composer Gaetano Donizetti, is all set to take place in the city.

Presented by The Neemrana Music Foundation, this opera has been directed by Paolo Panizza. “Delhi is a great venue for such performances as the audience is open to new forms of music and art and the culture is vibrant and diverse,” says Panizza about the three-act performance.

The plot is no less than that of a Bollywood movie. Failing to convince his nephew Ernesto to marry for money rather than love, Don Pasquale takes the task on himself to find a bride, produce an heir and deprive Ernesto of his large inheritance.

Dr Malatesta, a family friend,  makes a plan to foil his idea. He arranges a fake marriage between Don Pasquale and the young Norina, who is actually Ernesto’s beloved.

Aude Priya, who plays the character of Norina, says, “My character plays three roles; first role is that of a sincere girl in love with a man, the next is that of a seducer and the third is of a mean woman.”

Fact File
What: Italian Opera - Don Pasquale
When: December 11, 12 and 13
Timing: 7pm onwards
Where: Kamani Auditorium, Copernicus Marg

NEAREST METRO STATION: Mandi House on the Blue Line


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