Independent music industry will soon be mainstream: Benny Dayal

  • Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 28, 2016 18:24 IST
Singer Benny Dayal believes that independent music in the country is expanding its roots and fan base.

With many film producers incorporating independent music singles in their films, non-film music is growing steadily in India. And popular playback singer Benny Dayal believes that independent music is finally getting the deserved recognition in the country.

“Independent music making its way to films is a great sign for musicians, as they get a chance to enter the mainstream industry and get the kind of popularity they need and deserve. Independent music industry will soon be mainstream and would not have to depend on Bollywood for popularity,” says Dayal.

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He, however, agrees that independent music scene needs some organisation. “(Right now), There’s a lot of chaos... a lot of musicians and no proper process of streamlining content. But then, everything good is born out of chaos and I am sure that things will only get better from here for independent artists. Just like the West has a separate music industry and a film industry, we too will have two industries exclusive and independent of each other,” says the Kerala-born singer, who confesses that Bollywood has helped a great deal in creating this good phase for independent musicians.

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“Sometimes, after your single is picked up for a film, you get a wider fan base. If that single becomes a hit, you can double or even triple your rates. You also get more concerts. So, films boost musicians’ careers,” says Dayal.

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