Johar Ali Khan to perform at Hungarian Cultural Centre

  • Barsha Nag Bhowmick, PTI
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  • Updated: May 01, 2003 16:44 IST

Violinist and music composer Johar Ali Khan is performing tonight at Hungarian Cultural Centre as a part of its 25th anniversary celebrations. Khan the son and disciple of Late Ustad Gohar Ali Khan of Rampur, the great violin genius of Indian music, is one of the promising violinist among the younger generation.
Says Khan, "I belong to Rampur and Patiala Gharana of music. My maternal grandfather was the illustrious Ustad Ali Baksh, who himself founded the Patiala Gharana."

Enlightens Khan, "Many of the most useful features of the orchestral string instruments result from their use of bows. The part that touches the strings is made of horsehair (or a synthetic substitute). The wooden support for it is bent towards the hair-not away from it like an archery bow, or the violin bows of the eighteenth century. The advantage of this is that when the player presses hard on the strings, the wood straightens and pulls the hair tighter. This gives the modern bow a greater range of loudness. That is one speciality of violin."

Khan who is a graded artist of All India Radio and TV, specialises in the systematic elaboration of 'Raag' melodies and innovative approach in presenting 'Taan'. He has got command over melody and technique of Indian Classical Music. He is well versed in to 'Raag Dari' (purity of Raga) and 'Tant Kari' on Violin. He is a regular broadcaster of TV and Radio and has been performing nationally and internationally, and has earned a name and fame world over. He has been associated with so many groups and artists of Global Music and has been creating innovative and thematic music with artistes and groups of International repute.

Says Khan "My favourite is the tune that I've created for vayu sena. It really sounds aesthetic. In fact the sound qualities of a bowed instrument are rarely separate from its aesthetic qualities. The maker as also the player of this instrument searches for and chooses measurements, relationships, proportions in function not only of the aesthetic form but above all of the acoustic result."
Khan has been performing and promoting Indian Classical Music around the world by which he has achieved a name globally. "I felt great when I represented India on 15th August 2001,in India Independence Day Festival in Dubai UAE, and was appreciated by dignitaries including Royal Family of UAE," he says.
Yes Janab Khan, we also feel great. 


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