John Lennon's detention sheets up for grabs

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  • Updated: Nov 11, 2013 19:10 IST

John Lennon's detention sheets from the time when he was 15 years old is set to be auctioned off.

The documents show that the, Beatles, star was renowned as a class clown and the reasons for punishment given by his teacher included sabotage, fighting in class, nuisance, shoving and just no interest whatsoever.

He even managed twice to get three detentions in one day, the Independent reported. Peter Beech, his former general science teacher said the sheet is typical of Lennon as he was an extremely cheeky boy, but also did know his limits.

He added that in the classroom if you settled Lennon down, it meant you generally settled the class down.

The documents have come from a detention book, which was set to be burnt down in 1970's, until a staff member spotted Lennon's name in it.

The sheets cover the period when the future Beatle, was in class 3 B and 4C.


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