Katy Perry launches her music label, Metamorphosis Music

  • PTI, London
  • Updated: Jun 20, 2014 20:46 IST

Pop star Katy Perry has launched her own music label.

The 29-year-old


took to Twitter to announce her label Metamorphosis Music and its first signing, reported E!Online. She wrote:


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The Roar hitmaker said that she had joined forces with her own record label, Capitol Records, for the music venture.

"Ferras is a man with a message, and a unique lyrical way of communicating his perspective on life that makes you feel connected to every note when you listen. I believe he is going to be an important artist to watch unfold," she added.

LA-based singer-songwriter Ferras broke into the music scene in 2008 with his debut album Aliens and Rainbows.

He signed with Capitol in 2007 and met Perry when both were new artists at the label.

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