Know the real reason why Zayn Malik left 1D

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: May 24, 2015 17:21 IST

It is being claimed that the former One Direction superstar Zayn Malik left the pop boy band because of the exhausting tours and tough workload.

Jamie Scott, the songwriter behind some of 1D's biggest hits admitted that everyone has their breaking point and that is the reason why the 22-year-old singer fell out of love with life in the group and had to walk away, reported the Mirror.

He added that the English singer went because he'd had enough as they were on the road for four years and eventually he got to a point where he couldn't take it anymore.

When Malik left the boy band in March, he said that he wanted to live life as a normal 22-year-old but he regrets that he has disappointed his fans.

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