Leslie Lewis' ode to RD Burman

Fans of old Bollywood classics are in for a musical treat tonight. Musician-composer Leslie Lewis will be paying a tribute to veteran hindi music director RD Burman in collaboration with the HT for Navi Mumbai initiative. The artist will perform rearranged versions of  Burman’s biggest hits, including Duniya me logon ko (Apna Desh, 1972), Dum maaro dum ( Hare Rama Hare Krishna, 1971) and others, along with some of his own compositions.                  

Lesle and his eight-member troupe will present these evergreen songs with an interesting twist —  borrowing influences from genres like rock, pop and jazz and blending them in with the music icon’s compositions. However, the flow and tempo of the original songs will be retained to establish identity and cater to all the audiences.

Speaking about R D Burman’s influence on his career, Lesle says, “In the domestic scenario, he was the one who introduced western styles into Hindi film songs, especially the use of guitars. I have literally grown up listening to his arrangements, vocals and music covers. He was a consistent icon and his music remains effervescent”.

Talking about the present scenario of indie-pop music, Leslie adds that media platforms such as radio and television must contribute towards promoting original music. “The alternative music scenario has been bad for the past eight to 10 years. But hopefully it will get better with projects like Coke Studio, which has brought raw talent and folk music to the lore”.

A total of 16-18 tracks will be performed by the troupe during the 90-minute show. “I look forward to performing my brand of music which is metamorphic,” concludes Lesle.

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