Lucky Ali: Music was never my job

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  • Updated: Jan 30, 2015 18:29 IST

Lucky Ali, who has sung tracks like ‘O sanam’, ‘Kabhi aisa lagta hai’ and ‘Na tum jaano na hum’ (Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai; 2000), remains fresh in the memories of music lovers, even though he has stayed away from the circuit for many years. Known for his ballad-style vocals, the singer says he is preparing to release a new album. Set to perform at an event in Nashik on February 8, Lucky discusses why he is reserved, and why he left Mumbai for a quiet life in Bengaluru.

You stay away from the limelight. Is it a conscious decision?
I was never really in the limelight. I had always been away.

You don’t sing a lot for films or albums now.
Music was never my job. It was a serious hobby that I pursued to be happy. It just keeps me in the groove.

So what keeps you busy?
There are various things I do that keep me busy. I still record music. Sometimes I do concerts once a month, and sometimes I don’t.

You were appreciated for your acting in Sur — The Melody of Life (2002). But you didn’t do films post that.
I find it difficult to put my existence behind a character. I have done good films in the past, but I feel more peaceful doing music.

Since you come from a family of popular Bollywood personalities, do you ever plan to make a film?
Actually, I don’t think about it. I am not very good at finding my way commercially. I was fortunate to have parents who had made the journey simpler for me. But, I would like to shoot a mockumentary (a documentary film or TV show in which fictional events are presented in a parodic manner) at some point.

It’s been over three years since you’ve released an album.
I record continuously. I have a bunch of friends, and we ideate and produce music together. But since I am not bound by any music company, I come up with albums at my discretion. I am planning to release one soon.

You don’t stay in Mumbai these days.
I find it difficult to live in Mumbai as it’s too polluted and loud for me. I think the city is not good for my health. It’s a concrete metropolis, which is just about earning money.

What have you planned for your performance at the Sulafest in Nashik on February 8?
I will present some of my popular film and album tracks from the past as well as some new compositions that I have worked on.

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