Lucky Ali's still around

Singer Lucky Ali was at Delhi's Hard Rock Cafe, with his band of talented musicians as a part of his Hard Rock Cafe tour in Indian cities.

The first time I had seen Lucky Ali singing was back in 1998 on MTV. It was the music video for his song Dekha Hai Aise Bhi from his album Sifar. It was one of the coolest songs playing on MTV for the Indian audience at that time. It was clean, easy-listening, and a cool Indian guy singing in his own voice for a change. Lucky Ali, ever since has remained in our minds.

But whoever said Lucky Ali had gone 'corpsey' must have been surely drinking silly. At the Hard Rock Cafe, Lucky Ali made everyone, including himself happy to the hilt and the crowd, exceeding the HRC capacity of 700 people, turned over in excess.

Only a little leaner with more grey hair, Lucky looked good in a bluish coat and pants and his trademark beads choker around his neck.

He started off by saying, Dilli meh aatehi zukham lag gaya.. toh aap log mujhe help karenge gane me (Caught cold as soon as I landed in Delhi, so will you all help me sing?)

He started with Ashiyana from his album Bekarar and the crowd just swayed and sang along. Then he doled out his hits such as O Sanam, Teri Yaadein, Dekha Hai Aise Bhi, Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai, and the people couldn't help tripping on those melodies.

In the midst of the groove, Lucky shouts "Kya tum maut se darte ho?" (Are you scared of death?) And there is a huge response which sounded like a cacophony of sorts and he starts off with the number Maut from the film Kaante.

Other songs such as Aa Bhi Ja from the movie Sur and numbers from Kabhi Aisa Lagta Hai followed which were just as well received by the audience.

Aao Twist Kare was the last song of the night, and Lucky exited the stage with the crowd wanting more of the singer and the star.

Despite a sore throat, Lucky managed to keep the 700- plus crowd grooving and it is no joke to keep it that way for over good two hours! What worked up the magic? I think it was Lucky Ali's nonchalant, easy-going manner which the crowd loves. And that Lucky sings from his heart was evident enough as he sang most of his songs with eyes shut and soaking the music in.

Keep the good music coming Lucky!


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