Mike Tyson sings for Madonna, calls Mussolini his inspiration

  • Agencies, Washington
  • Updated: Jan 24, 2015 14:03 IST

Mike Tyson has revealed that it was Benito Mussolini who inspired him to sing.

The retired boxing champ, 48, who's doing a vocal cameo in the upcoming Madonna song Iconic, said that he drew inspiration from one of the most hated dictators of all time, for even though he was arrogant, it was mesmerising to see him on TV and he looked at himself in the same way, TMZ.com reported.

He added, "I know people may say 'this guy's a fascist' and all this stuff, but man, you can take positivity from watching him," added Tyson. "No wonder why Hitler was attracted to him. This guy's a hypnotic figure. There's so much pride behind what he's saying. I'm not even Italian and I feel the pride he's projecting. He had that street swag; he was doing this stuff with his hands and moving his head before it was even hip-hop."

Tyson also said the experience made him believe he'd be a great solo artist. Tyson said: "Doing the song with Madonna makes me think this (music career) could really happen. Most guys that come in there drink a bunch of liquor or smoke 100 blunts. I just went in and boom, one take. Everyone thought it was cool."

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