No one gets a second chance in the industry: Akriti Kakar

  • Nirmika Singh, Hindustan Times, Mumbai
  • Updated: May 10, 2014 11:44 IST

Akriti Kakar

is a part of the new wave of change that is sweeping through Bollywood music industry.

Armed with the right mix of fresh voice and impressive stage presence, the young singer first came into the limelight with hits like Abhi abhi (Jism 2; 2012) and Aanan faanan (Namastey London; 2007). Akriti’s latest hit, Iski uski (2 States) was also received well, thanks to its youth appeal.

Ask her how it feels to be part of the Bollywood music fraternity at a time when it is witnessing a lot of change and she says, "I feel like a toddler every time I go on the mic to sing something new. I treat it as my first and last song, and that’s what makes me give it my best. My idea is always to only better myself from the last song I recorded, be it whichever genre," she says.

Is the competition more fierce now than before?

"Competition has definitely grown as people are becoming more and more receptive to newer voices. Dedication and patience are put to test here because if an opportunity does land up in my lap, I have to nail it right. No one gets a second chance in the industry; that’s the one thing I have learnt in Mumbai," says Akriti, who has also lent her voice to songs in Bengali and Marathi films, and is presently working on two independent singles.

"Also coming up are four songs in a Pakistani movie, out of which one is with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan," she informs.

Recently, Akriti has also started performing with her twin sisters, Sukriti and Prakriti, both of whom are trained singers like her.

"Both of them are 18, but they are very bright, dedicated and devoted to making music. I get to learn a lot from them. The contrast and the blend of our musical tastes is what I love the most. We have done many live performances together," she says.

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