Not just one of the guys: Kristen Stewart, Anne Hathaway man up for viral video

  • Soumya Srivastava, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jul 16, 2014 20:15 IST

Have you checked out

Kristen Stewart

in the video of Jenny Lewis' song Just One Of The Guys yet? And

Anne Hathway

? And Brie Larson? About a million people have already treated themselves to this eyefull in just one day since the video was released.

The video has the three stunners dress up in drag, complete with all the paraphernalia (Adidas tracksuits, moustaches and tilted caps) and lip-syncing to Lewis’s lyrics.

The video begins with an introduction of the band members, all of them in white suits, bare feet and grooving to the music. Jenny herself is in a rainbow suit, strumming the strings of her own guitar. Less than a minute into the video, we see them don the drag.

To be honest, there is something about Kristen Stewart playing a male. She looks such a natural in it (remember Panic Room, where she played Jodie Foster's daughter, but looked more like a boy?). She sports her bright auburn hair, which have now been cut short to shoulder length.

Hollywood Life, an online tabloid, goes to the extent of saying that Stewart looks a lot like her ex Robert Pattinson in the look. No, we don't disagree with it.

Anne Hathaway has sampled some serious eye makeup in the video and we advise you to take notes. She is also seen busting some hip-hop moves (miserably failing at them though). She bangs her head to the music, sheds tears in a scene, pees on a wall with the others (no, not literally) and does everything that is fun.

This video is sugar and spice and everything nice and we wonder why the internet hasn't exploded already. And the song is fabulous too. Win-win we say. Watch it now!

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