People watch video and look for reasons to create trouble: Indeep Bakshi

  • Yashika Mathur, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 21, 2016 18:23 IST
Singer Indeep Bakshi wants music lovers to judge the song themselves, and not get influenced by others.

Singer Indeep Bakshi’s songs are quite a rage among party-goers, but the Saturday Saturday hitmaker is not happy. Reason? He feels that musicians are a victim of moral policing these days.

“It is irritating because as an artist, I cannot give a clarification every time about why I have done something in a track or not. There are so many issues in the entertainment industry that people should focus on, but they watch a music video and see how they can create trouble for an artist,” says Bakshi.

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The singer’s recent track Bad Waali Feeling got negative comments on YouTube due to its lyrics, but he feels that these opinions are highly influenced. “Music listeners don’t judge the song on their own nowadays. They just look at the number of likes and views on a video online and base their opinion on what others have written in the comments section. My track had less views and more dislikes, which made me feel sad,” says Bakshi, who has belted hit tracks such as Madam Ji and Jhoot Laare.

Does he not feel the need to clarify his side of the story to listeners? “No, I know my music well and I don’t write to create any controversy. I have to keep a lot of things in mind while making a track and I cannot please each and everyone. I have to write for Bollywood movies as well as the Punjab music industry. People who love my music know that I will never make music to hurt anyone,” says the singer.

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