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Rebecca Black finally makes it to Saturday

Rebecca Black hits the internet with a new video as she proceeds further in her weekly calendar. Her new single Saturday has all the elements of a new viral video and enough completely unique absurdity.

music Updated: Dec 09, 2013 20:46 IST
Abhilasha Chhabra

Black once again educates the world on the way the days are ordered, in her new song Saturday, where she reminds us all, that Friday precedes Saturday.

The 16 year-old-pop star created internet waves in 2011 with her song Friday, the music video which hit 167 million views on Youtube within just 4 months, making her a viral star. In her song, Friday, Black repeatedly sings about how she's "looking forward to the weekend".

Her new release Saturday informs us that, she did, in fact, make it to the weekend. The new single, while frequently referring to her earlier hit and sharing obvious similarities, has changed in terms of tone and even, to some extent, reflects the amount of time that's passed between Friday and Saturday.

Rebecca, instead of expressing excitement about driving in the back of her friend's car, is now excited about her friends twerking, getting arrested , and slapping cake on each other's faces, as can be seen in the video.

Moreover, the lyrics refer to marked changes in her behavior--instead of getting out of bed at 7 am, Black groggily climbs out of bed at 2pm--possibly hungover and craving peanut butter.

The song in itself, could be confused for something sung by Katy Perry or Kesha; and has lost a lot of the precious nasal quality of Friday. In fact, it's actually not terrible, and is "basically everything that Friday was and a whole lot more" as Matt Bellassi enthuses on Buzzfeed.

The song features Dave Days, a Youtube singer, who is known for his punk-pop parodies, and in the song, he can be seen as taking the place of Patrice Wilson, who rapped parts of and wrote the lyrics of Friday (Wilson's terrifyingly absurd new music video for his song 'Chinese Food' has also made some waves on the internet).

Dave Days and Rebecca Black party together in the song and video, and hope this 'Saturday never ends'.

Reviewers seem to agree on the fact that Black, aside from occasionally mocking herself, also seems to mock Miley Cyrus's chart topper and viral video We Can't Stop. There appears a girl dressed as Miley, in the video, who twerks in the middle of the party, making everything awkward. There is also a reference to the (in) famous scene in Miley's video, where she kisses a doll. Black had earlier also released a 'toned down' cover of We Can't Stop, clearly critiquing the original.

The reception to the video has been largely good, disregarding the clichéd jokes, and the usual 'haters'. Youtube followers and reviewers alike seem to enjoy the song. Chris Matyszczyk of CNET quotes a Youtube follower who calls himself Tony Danza, saying: "Meh, not bad I guess. I'd probably sit through it if it came on the radio (after wondering who the hell changed my channel)."

The video has garnered over 8 million views since its release on December 7, this year, and has twice the number of 'thumbs ups' on Youtube than 'thumbs downs'.

So, all jokes aside, a hearty shout out to Miss Black as we eagerly anticipate her upcoming album.