Robbie Williams flirts with 15-year-old, regrets instantly

  • IANS, London
  • Updated: Oct 20, 2015 14:39 IST
English singer, songwriter and actor Robbie Williams is known for his songs She’s The One, Angels and Feel. (Robbiewilliams/Facebook)

English singer, songwriter and actor Robbie Williams had a moment of embarrassment onstage when he accidentally cracked a ‘sexy secretary’ joke with a 15-year-old girl. He was at a concert in Brisbane, Australia, on Friday when the episode happened.

The star picked out Morgan from the crowd, and commented on her ‘secretary look’, but when he asked how old she was and she said she was there celebrating her 15th birthday, he went red-faced, reports

The former Take That singer told the teenager: “I love that look. I love the look with the glasses, and the hair, it’s like a secretary look.”

“Which reminds me, I’ve got to clear my browsing history on my computer before Ayda sees it. How old are you today Morgan? Fifteen? Oh s***, that joke just...”

As the crowd laughed, Williams joked: “Don’t put that up on YouTube. It’ll be on YouTube, and then it’ll be in the newspapers, and then I’ll get arrested.”

He was about to perform his hit song She’s The One in Brisbane, Australia, as he continues his Let Me Entertain You tour.

Watch Robbie Williams’ Feel here:

Williams carried on digging after realising his mistake, and asking if Morgan was there with her mother, he said: “Hi mum,” adding: “How are you doing? Uncle Rob here.”

He went on: “How do you dig yourself out of that one? Stay away from boys like me, Morgan.” He dedicated the song to both Morgan and her mother, even changing the lyrics to ‘She was younger than me’.

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