Salim-Sulaiman mix Enrique's track

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    Enrique Iglesias performed live at Huda grounds in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR on October 19. After a long wait, when Enrique entered the stage at Huda ...

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    Along with the sound of guitar, the Spanish sensation started his performance with a dance number I'm Loving You.

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    His voice started to seduce the crowd when he moved to the next track Rhythm Divine and it took everyone's heart away.

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    Enrique Iglesias sang I'm Loving you, Bailamos, Escape, Dirty Dancing, Just Wanna Be With You", Baby I Like It, Hero among others.

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    Enrique charmed Delhi with his Hindi; the singer didn't forget to add a little bit of Hindi words in his cute Spanish accent in between ...

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    As he called, "Namaste Delhi, aap kaise hain", the crowd went crazy at the venue.

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    Enrique Iglesias also added, "Main aapse pyaar karta hun, I love you India", to which people couldn't help responding.

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    The rockstar called a 12-year-old fan on stage and chatted with him for about fifteen minutes, he hugged a young girl and even sang Hero ...

  • enrique

    The singer added a bit of glamour to the show, he changed his blue t-shirt to white and then wore a hood in the end, ...


    Although, Enrique kept the Hero number at the very last, he started to croon the track after a lot of demand. And when he did, ...

He may arguably be past his prime in the international music circuit, but pop icon Enrique Iglesias still enjoys immense popularity in India, if his 2012 tour of the country is anything to go by. Adding to his connect with the country is now the official remix of his recent single, I’m a freak, being produced by the Bollywood composer duo Salim and Sulaiman Merchant.

Talking about how they got the chance to work on the track, Salim says, "The music label called and asked us if we would like to collaborate with Enrique on it… We really wanted to produce it after we heard the original."

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Although their production is called a remix, he feels that it is more than just a rehashed version of the original track. "The word remix is a very old term; I would rather call this a collaboration, as there are some original parts (in the track) that have been composed by us," says Salim, who has also just finished working on a Hollywood film, Jeffrey D Brown’s Sold.

Since Enrique’s music is distinct in its style and lyrical content, the duo had to maintain a balance while marrying the new parts with the original.

"It’s a huge challenge to do this because one has to incorporate the vibe of the original song and yet have a different take on it… and you have to keep in mind Enrique’s fans, his personality and his music as well," says the popular musician. The remixed party track features a vocal hook line with Hindi lyrics. Lively dhols are also heard at one point in the song.

Back home, the composers have just worked on film-maker Subhash Ghai’s upcoming film, Kaanchi. "We’re also collaborating with (singer) Rahat (Fateh Ali Khan) on his forthcoming album, and with many more artistes," informs Salim.

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