The video is a labour of love: Priyanka Chopra

The Barfi! (2012) actor insists that even though it’s an English song, she wants the world to see India from a very cool point of view. As a result, PC accepts that she has “innovated” and used a lot of “new things.” She explains, “For example, I have made shorts out of brocade and silk saris. Plus, I am wearing a nathni (nose ring), which is made out of a chain. I made a leather hand glove that we generally wear with rings. There’s a lot of Indian inspiration in terms of styling. The dancing bit carries quite a few influences from our song-and-dance sequences.”

Finally, ask PC about how her family has reacted to the single and she says with a smile, “My family members love everything I do.” At the same time, Priyanka is happy that her hard work has paid off. “It’s a labour of love. It has been delayed a bit due to some communication issues in terms of creativity but I am glad that it has finally come out.”


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