Things are getting better for independent musicians: Amit Trivedi

  • Samarth Goyal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 21, 2016 17:52 IST
Amit Trivedi feels that Bollywood is opening up to independent musicians and the future is looking bright for them in India.

Ever since he made his debut in Bollywood as a music composer with the film Aamir almost eight years ago, Amit Trivedi feels that the Bollywood music industry has come a long way. The 37-year-old says that the Hindi film industry is now more open to “experiments” and is more accepting of independent musicians.

“Ever since I started, I think Bollywood has gone through a lot of changes. Film producers now want to experiment with their movie’s music and that’s why you see many of them working with independent musicians. As a result of that, genres are getting mixed and Bollywood is expanding itself,” he says.

Trivedi, who has composed a track for an upcoming web series, also adds that Bollywood helps in giving independent musicians a bigger platform. “When they are doing their music outside films, they have only 5-10% visibility on social media, and when they do it for Bollywood, the visibility rises to 60-70%. The amount of exposure you get in India as a musician in Bollywood is so much better than what one gets independently,” he adds.

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Amit, who has composed music for films such as Dev. D (2009) and Lootera (2013), however, concludes the interview by saying that unlike the West, India is yet to have its own independent music industry. “In the West, film music is completely different and independent from their popular music. The two industries are separate and don’t interfere much. Idhar kya hai, sab khichdi hai. So, there’s not much room for independent music because majority of it has always been dominated by film music. There are almost no takers for independent musicians in India,” he signs off.

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