This is a rap on the knuckles for Yo Yo Honey Singh

  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Feb 04, 2015 11:06 IST

Now this is music to our ears. After months of aural shocks aka Yo Yo Honey Singh's superhit songs, someone has finally given him an apt reply. And the sweet irony of it all: The answer to the rapper behind such poetic gems as Blue Eyes and Party yu hi Chalegi is, well, a rap song.

A girl, it seems, took up the 'genial' challenge Yo Yo threw at his haters via yet another song - '*&^% mei dum hai to band karwalo' and come up a rap such fun that Yo Yo, and his ilk, might have to think again before claiming 'party yu hi chalegi'.

Rene Verma, from Delhi Poetry Slam, has a point-by-point rejoinder for every violent and crass lyric that Honey Singh has sung during his rather colourful career.

This St Stephen's student begins her rap with, "Yo main South Delhi da launda, driving 180 in a big, fast Honda. I went to dhaba and I ate aloo-bonda. I am running out of office to see Anaconda..."

She then goes on to say, "Hey little lady, I am a little shady. I could be your dilbar dilbar, you are on my insta, no filter."

Focussing on Singh's questionable past - he was accused of writing a pro-rape song - she says, "Hey girl tu lagti badi khoob… teri ankhon mei jaata doob doob… 36-24-26 just be my mehbooba… just made up this stanza so that I can rhyme up with b**b."

And all those 'inspirations' from Eminem in Singh's songs, this is what Verma has to say: "To get to me he needs to apply for a visa. I know my rap skills are sh*t but mujhe bol ke dikha."

She takes one for the womenfolk when she says, "I am not an afterthought, I am not an overpriced sweater in Zara, I'm not an ambraan di queen or a kudi namkeen... I am not blue eyes, hypnotise. Mein choti dress mein bomb nahin lagti, yaar....I am not a woofer and you sure as hell ain't my amplifier, what are you a f***king transformer? And dear Honey Singh, if you feed my dog a nashe-wali biskoot, I will cut you up."

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