Tihar jail band The Flying Souls collaborate with Menwhopause

They’re selling it as the real jailhouse rock, and even if that’s too far-fetched a pun, you buy it for the fun. Tihar Jail’s rock band, The Flying Souls, just released their first single in collaboration with Menwhopause, and the boys do the do pretty well.

In the beginning, this chap sets a rather slow tempo with What’s My Name — that’s what the two-and-a-half-minute track’s called, but then comes on Dilli da munda Sunny “mujhe kende ne funny” with his red sweatshirt and patched bright blue jeans, and it starts to grow on you even if in a slightly Honey Singh-ish way.

The rhythm’s easy-uppy and the jail guys rap well, but it’s the video-mixing, with a potbellied khadi smile here and an enthu crowd there that steals the show. Apart from of course, the big warning in the end — “My name is dangerous”. Not criminally killer music, but still worth an ear.


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