Twitter trend: Bring Justin Bieber to India

  • Justin Bieber performed for a crowd of 200,000 people at a free open-air concert at Zocalo Square in Mexico City.

  • The 18-year-old perfroms at the concert.

  • Justin Bieber is clad in a grey sweatshirt, white pants and fluorescent trainers.

  • Justin Bieber has a fan base of millions, who are termed as Beliebers.

  • Justin Bieber has over 20 million followers on Twitter.

  • In 2012, Forbes named Bieber 3rd most powerful celebrity in the world, with earnings of an estimated $55 million.

  • Justin Bieber poses for photographers before a news conference at a hotel in Mexico City.

  • Justin Bieber's music video of Baby is ranked as the most viewed and most discussed on YouTube.

  • Justin Bieber is in a relationship with actor-singer Selena Gomez.

While Justin Bieber was busy tweeting about his Australia tour and talking about his next Malaysian tour, the teen sensation's Indian fans seem to have started what looks like a mini-movement on Twitter.

However, on one hand, ardent fans have been trying to garner support for bringing Justin Bieber to India, on the other, some Indians are turning on their sarcasm to full blast over the trending topic.

Here's what they had to say:

Love for Bieber
JustinBieberFan Zone @WeBleeeDPurPle
why are you beliebers ignoring this help your FAMILY PLEASE GIVE FIVE SECONDS AND TWEET : Bring Justin Bieber to India

Indian Belieber Team @IndiaBeliebTeam
#IndianBeliebers still #Believe u'll be here @justinbieber .. @scooterbraun Bring Justin Bieber to India

Boy Belieber Yash ;) @BoyBelieberIN
Keep Tweeting Beliebers Take it to the top! Bring Justin Bieber to India

I HEART JUSTIN •_• @swaaagggie
Bring my baby to India. @Scooterbraun Bring Justin Bieber To India

beliebin' @kidrauhlJDMB
BRING JUSTIN BIEBER TO INDIA and yeah, I'm not Indian, but I want what's best for them :)

Justin's Secute @vanyaheartbiebs
Bring Justin Bieber to India @justinbieber trend it

Tweets from Bieber


Sarcasm for Bieber
Dhanya Venugopal @dhans_v
Bring Justin Bieber to India. Bring Rebecca Black too while you're at it. And let them sing along with Anu Malik for Indian Idol. #Torture

Riddhima Sharma @maverick_rids
Bring Justin Bieber to India. What a choice! I say, Bring some sense to India.

Sourav C Pandey @inlovewith_life
Bring Justin Bieber to India and hand him over to Nirmal Baba.

More on Bieber
Recently An American woman filed a lawsuit for $9.23 million against teenage sensation Justin Bieber, claiming his shrieking gig has left her deaf. Stacey Wilson Betts says she was left with the ear condition tinnitus after she took her daughter to one of his gigs in Oregon two years ago.

Meanwhile, Bieber who has been travelling across the globe, has been garnering support for his latest song Justin Bieber - As Long As You Love Me, featuring Big Sean.


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