Why successful musicians die at 27

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Kurt Cobain was at the prime of his status as an American celebrity, who committed suicide with a shotgun on April 5, 1994. His body was found a few days later on April 8.

There are many music legends like Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Amy Winehouse and Janis Joplin, who ended their lives at 27.

Author Howard Sounes has tried to permeate this mystery by seeking the similarities in these great talents which would explain why they all joined the 27 Club, the New York Post reported.

In his book, 27: A History of the 27 Club through the Lives of Brian Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse, the writer says that none of the rockers wanted to live.

Sounes asserted that though the cause of death for these six legends were different, they committed suicides as they had troubled childhoods and spent their lives seeking a path out of the unending misery.

He said that that all these legends ultimately sought the sort of inner strength they all lacked in fame and it was the worst decision they could have made.

Sounes, while referring to Cobain and Jones, said that they "lacked the mental toughness to cope with success when it came", and he added that Mick Jagger wasn't psychologically suited to be a rock star.


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