YouTube's award debut slammed

The day she wears a plain dress Lady Gaga will definitely stun us all. Once again, in her dish antenna-like dress, the pop diva has not only won fans but many awards too at the MTV EMA ceremony. Check 'em all out!

There may have been much anticipation around online video-sharing platform YouTube’s first music awards event, but looks like users are not happy with the nominations.

The nominees for the event, which is scheduled for November 3, include the usual artists who are popular on the channel, and users are wondering where the ‘real music heroes’ have gone. The shortlist has names such as Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but music enthusiasts feel there are many talented but unsung musicians who were big YouTube sensations but have been left out.

“None of them. I’d vote for a thousand other musicians before any of those you listed,” reads a comment by Avi Morgenstern, one of the many users on the award discussion board. Another user, Terry Lemley,  spoke on how certain viral legends are are nowhere on the scene. “Maybe I’m missing something here, but wheres Smooth Mcgroove, Epic Lloyd, Nice Peter...? I’d much rather vote for them than these Hollywood pieces of cr**. Not to mention Ray William Johnson and his music....  I think these guys deserve to be honoured.” Yet another user, Ryan Nolan wrote, “Where is EDM, Where is Metal? Seriously this is the complete list?!”


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