Zayn Malik denies cheating on fiancé Perrie Edwards

  • ANI, London
  • Updated: Mar 30, 2015 19:23 IST

Zayn Malik of One Direction seems to be perpetually in news, often for the wrong reasons. The singer has denied charges of cheating on his fiancé Perrie Edwards and having a fling with Swedish beauty Martina Olsson.

Olsson had alleged that the 22-year old singer was very flirtatious and had slept with her in a Thai villa, saying that he wanted her at that moment, the Daily Star reported.

Olsson, 24, who claims that the former One Direction heartthrob never mentioned his fiance to her, also added that that she had seen Malik with Brit holidaymaker Lauren Richardson, and that they had disappeared for half an hour in the One Direction villa after which the singer bedded her again for a second time.

She added that Malik had quit the band because he was under pressure and couldn't keep up his carefree, party lifestyle while in a relationship.

Soon after, Malik had angrily denied stories of him being with Richardson saying, "I'm 22 years old... I love a girl named Perrie Edwards. And there's a lot of jealous f**** in this world?"

The singer's spokesperson too had denied charges of Malik having sex with Olsson.

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