Anna Hazare slams FDI, gives mixed signals on his next step

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  • Updated: Sep 17, 2012 01:59 IST

Anna Hazare on Sunday opposed the UPA government's decision to allow foreign direct investment (FDI) in the retail sector.

"The ruling party and some others say that FDI will change the economic situation while opposition says it is harmful for the country. Both the sides are trying to cut each other keeping 2014 elections in mind," Hazare wrote on his blog.

"People like me feel how can we be sure that the money coming into the country through FDI will not be the country's own black money stashed abroad? What is wrong if the public doubts that their own money is being routed back in a different form?" Hazare said.

Meanwhile, he continued to give conflicting signals on his future course of action

Hazare has asked those interested in joining his anti-graft movement to directly contact him at his Ralegaon Siddhi address and made no mention of his erstwhile Delhi-based colleagues led by Arvind Kejriwal.

He said no party was serious about curbing corruption and the recent disclosures about donations in which they have used a clause to hide the names of donors from public showed their real intentions.

"It is clear that the politics cannot provide a bright future to the country. Now the movement will not have to be against the government but for changing those sitting in Parliament."

Hazare said people from all states were visiting his village with an appeal that he should provide an alternative to the country.  The activist, however, reiterated he would neither contest polls nor would he form a party, but would try to provide an alternative to the people.

We have to send good candidates to Parliament who will fight for a strong Lokpal and poll reforms." But he did not elaborate how he would do it.


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